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Metap's mission in this world of online casinos is to create some order in a market with thousands of players, a gazillion offers that change every day and huge amount of money that rolls from side to side.

In order to do this, we touch on every issue and every aspect of online casinos. We aim to help players by bringing them knowledge in a very complete and organized way.

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Online Casinos Business

Metap is a website that covers the business side of online casinos. From games to affiliate deals and software, you can find it all here.

Bonuses and Promotions

We'll show you where to get the best welcome bonus, how much you can get and how to find a good no-deposit bonus

The bonuses on the site are being updated daily - so stay tuned!


In this area, its important to find a good and reliable online casino. We wrote guides that help understanding the things needed to pay attention to when starting this process.

If you encounter behaviour that is not proper from an online casino - please contact us.

Payment Solutions

There are several ways of depositing and withdrawing money from online casino account. Most online casino accept Visa and Mastercard, some accept web wallets such as: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and there are also Bitcoin online casinos. You can find here a list of the online casinos and their funding options.


There are several casino software in the world of online casinos where each offer different features and different UI. The most known online casinos software are: Microgaming, Playtech and RTG, but there are many others. You will find here the ins and outs of each software and a guide that will help you in to find the software that is right to you.


The legal aspect of online casinos is complex, different in each country and its constantly changing. In some countries, online gambling has no restrictions at all while in other it's partly allowed or completely prohibited. 

Online Casino Operators

The online casinos operation is complex and contain many aspects, such as: technology, software, payment gateways, legislation, customer support, marketing and more. You can read how to start your own online casino.

Online Casino Affiliates

Casino affiliates are the websites that stands between the player and the online casinos operators. You will find here articles that will teach you how to become an online casino affiliate, who give the best offers and with whom you should not work.


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