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Metap's mission in this world of online casinos is to create some order in a market with thousands of players, a gazillion offers that change every day and huge amount of money that rolls from side to side.

In order to do this, we touch on every issue and every aspect of online casinos. We aim to help players by bringing them knowledge in a very complete and organized way.

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Our View of the World of Online Casinos

Here are the subjects we focus on:


There are several software in the world of online casinos, each of which offer different features and different UI. We will explain the ins and outs of each software and a guide that will help you to choose which is the right software to you.

Countries and Legal Issues

The legal aspect of online casinos is different in each country. In some countries, it's completely allowed to gamble online, in others it's partly allowed and in some it's completely prohibited. We will cover those issues and show where each resident can find a place to play online.

Bonuses and Promotions

This is the most interesting issue to some players. We'll show you where to get the best deposit bonus, how much you will get if you deposit and where there are places with a no-deposit bonus. Each bonus has its own role and we will guide you in how to use it. We will also continuously update new promos in order to give you, the players, the ability to play with bonuses money as much as you can.

Payment Solutions

Not all online casinos accept all payment types. Some accept Mastercard and Visa, some accept PayPal and some accept only Moneybooker (Skrill). We will list here the online casinos and their payment type acceptance possibilities.

Games Cover

Some of you want to play poker, blackjack, while others just want to place a bet on the next soccer game. Most online casinos give you the option to play roulette, blackjack and slot machines, but some give more. In Metap you will find complete coverage of who has what.


In this complicated world, it is not so simple to find the good online casinos. There are some places that you should not visit and some places to completely avoid. We collect them here and show you which places are dangerous. If you encounter behavior that is not proper, we encourage you to contact us and include the details, and we will warn other people about this place.


Each online casino will have its rating that is determined by you, the community. 

What is Metap

For now it's a secret. We are revealing new clues about the meaning behind this name on the website each month. The one that connects all the dots and understands the secret will win a prize.


Feel free to contact us any time ! 

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