Online Casinos that Accept Neteller

The last decade has seen an explosive growth in online casino gaming. Much of the popularity of the new wave of online gambling options can be explained by the convenience and ease of access new technology affords. In contrast to having to physically get yourself to a brick-and-mortar casino (a literal impossibility in many jurisdictions), players are free to access the full range of traditional table games from the comfort of wherever they happen to be.

List of Online casinos that accept Neteller:

888 Casino
888 Casino
100% Up to $200
  • +25 Free Spins
  • T&C apply 18+
bitStarz Casino
100% Up to €100 or 1BTC
  • + 180 Free Spins
Mr Green Casino
Mr Green
100% Up to €100
  • +100 Free Spins
777 Casino
777 Casino
100% Up to $200
  • T&C apply 18+
7 Bit Casino
7 Bit Casino
100% Up to €100 or 1.5 BTC
  • + 100 Free Spins
Up to 10%Cash Rebate
  • +100s of Free Spins
Redbet Casino
100% Up to £100

Along with modern online casino software, the emergence of a new generation of online payment methods has played a crucial role in making online casinos an option for all. It’s simply never been easier to transfer funds in or out of an account from virtually anywhere on earth, a situation that would have been literally unthinkable even fifteen years ago.

Here at Metap, we’ve put together a comprehensive series of articles covering all the most popular online casino payment methods out there and this time around we’re dealing with the popular online e-wallet provider Neteller. Neteller is a particular favourite of many online gamblers due to their active acceptance of casino and sportsbook business.

Neteller Updates 2021

Verified Neteller customers now have the ability to level up their accounts, reaching levels like “Neteller True” and “Neteller VIP” will also unlock a series of lifetime rewards.

Neteller has been introduced as a new payment method for Luckbox, one of the biggest eSports betting providers.

Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Lebanon will no longer have access to Neteller, In April 2021, the firm stopped all operations and closed all accounts within these countries.

In Norway, Neteller service has completely stopped processing payments associated with online gambling.

Neteller’s parent company, Paysafe, reported a first quarter increase of 66% on their iGaming revenue, compared to the prior year for North America.

Paysafe, Neteller parent company, announced a partnership with TripGift, a travel-booking services and gift card redemption platform, introducing the digital wallet as one of their online payment methods.

Let’s start with some background on the company itself.

Some Background on Neteller

Neteller is one of the most prominent e-money and e-wallet providers catering specifically to the needs of online casinos around the world. The company is part of the wider Paysafe Group and was originally founded in Canada back in 1999. A move to the Isle of Man followed in 2004.

Neteller quickly established a name for itself as a leading payment facilitator in the online gambling industry and was soon responsible for processing payments for over three-quarters of the then nascent online gambling industry. A large proportion of Netellers initial user base was comprised of US gamblers prior to their eventual exit from that market.

The company has since expanded their operations worldwide and the acquisition of rival Skrill by their parent company indicates that they will continue to be at the forefront of consolidation in the online payments industry, and this has been especially true when it comes to gambling. Let’s have a look at which industries are those where Neteller is used the most.

Industries where Neteller is being used

Finding Online Casinos That Accept Neteller

Finding an online casino that accepts Neteller is a relatively straightforward affair. The vast majority of online casinos, particularly in Europe, will happily accept Neteller accounts. A quick look around giants of the online casino industry such as Bet365, Ladbrokes, and William Hill should be enough to show how widely accepted the payment platform is.

Neteller currently supports the setting up of accounts in 26 major currencies and provides over 40 methods for actually transferring money in and out of your Neteller account. That combination of flexibility and convenience makes it a natural fit for many online gamblers.

As with other widely accepted payment methods such as PayPal, the mere acceptance of Neteller in an online casino is not a guarantee of excellent service in itself. You should be careful to fully vet any Neteller casino you may be considering opening an account with prior to proceeding further. Be sure to check the casino’s online reputation, carefully review their terms and conditions, and make sure adequate online support options are available.

Online casinos that accept Neteller - 888

Advantages Of Online Casinos That Accept Neteller

As a quick and easy online e-wallet, Neteller brings a number of advantages with it. Let’s step through the main ones:

  • Information privacy: Using a Neteller account puts a layer of privacy between your personal financial details and the casino providers you use. You’re free to load your account via credit or debit cards without having to expose those details directly to third party providers.
  • Security: As one of the largest online payment providers, Neteller is a natural target for crackers and hackers worldwide and have created best-in-breed security procedures as a result. With a Neteller account, you can be confident that your funds are protected by some of the most secure systems in the business. Neteller is also regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK which guarantees the highest standards of probity are being matched.

Setting up a Neteller account for online casino use is straightforward.

Signing Up To A Neteller Account And Adding Funds

Signing up to a Neteller account is a simple and transparent procedure that can take as little as a couple of minutes.

Firstly, you’ll need to choose a primary email address or Facebook account to use as your main login method. From there, you’ll be prompted to complete your personal details and select your primary account currency. At this point your account is registered but unverified which means the amount of functionality available to you will be limited.

The next step is verification which can be achieved by uploading a copy of your password or driver’s licence to your account. Verification will typically take at least twenty-four hours from there and once it’s complete you’re free to add funds to your account. You’ve got a wide range of choices for adding cash to your account and can choose from popular methods such as local bank transfer, credit card transfer, and even prepaid voucher services such as UKash.

Once you’ve added funds to your Neteller account, getting them into your actual online casino account couldn’t be simpler. It’s generally just a question of choosing Neteller as one of your funding options via the casino’s backend and entering your Account ID and and Secure ID. Once you’ve selected the amount you wish to deposit, you should receive a confirmation within minutes and the money will be instantly available in your online casino account.

Withdrawing Funds To Your Neteller Account And Fees

Getting money out of your online casino account back to Neteller is similarly straightforward. Simply select withdrawal from within your casino’s cashier interface, pick Neteller as your withdrawal method and enter your details as described above. Again, you can expect the transfer of funds to be nearly instantaneous.

As with any payment method, there will inevitably be fees involved with using Neteller. The first thing to check is whether withdrawal fees are being applied by your online casino of choice. When it comes to Neteller itself, you can expect to pay an additional 2.95% fee on any transactions involving currency conversion. If you fail to maintain a regular balance in Neteller account, you may also be liable for an additional administrative fee.

Alternative online casino funding methods Neteller

Online Casino Payment Alternatives To Neteller

Having a Neteller account is an excellent option to have as part of your overall casino funding strategy but there are obviously many other providers you can also add into the mix. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common alternatives:

  • Credit cards are a popular alternative to Neteller in online casinosCredit cards: Credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are incredibly popular choices for online casino funding for very good reason – it’s hard to beat their combination of flexibility, convenience and security. They also bring the added advantage of offering incredibly attractive bonus offers and reward programs for ongoing use.
  • Use PayPal as alternative in online Neteller casinosPayPal: Neteller is far from the only e-wallet option that’s widely accepted at most online casinos, the other big beast in this space is famously PayPal. This online payments giant is popular in casinos and across the online commerce arena and offers incredibly speedy transactions and top-notch security.
  • Wire transfer in online Neteller casinosWire transfer: Despite the enormous rise in alternative payment platforms over the years, good old-fashioned wire transfer is still accepted by virtually every online casino. It’s a slightly more clunky option than the ones discussed above but still a very viable alternative when it comes to larger sums.
  • Bitcoin as alternative to Neteller online casinoBitcoin: The emergence of Bitcoin in the last five years has shaken up the financial industry worldwide and many casinos have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. Using the digital currency is not without risks but its combination of relative anonymity and low fees makes it an intriguing option for many players.

We hope the information above has encouraged you to explore using Neteller as a funding option for your online casino accounts. Finding an online casino that accepts Neteller has never been easier and the range of options we recommend here on the site will get you off to a great start in that regard.


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