Online Casinos that Accept POLi Payments

One of the many benefits of the widespread adoption of broadband and mobile devices worldwide is the sea-change we’ve seen in the whole area of online payments over the last ten years. People are no longer stuck with the same old combination of wire transfers and credit cards that they would have been limited to just a few short years ago.

Online Casinos That Accept POLi Payments

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This has been particularly good news for online gamblers. It’s never been easier to fund an online casino account via a variety of handy means. In this article we’ll focus on one payment solution that’s particularly useful for gamblers Down Under by looking at how best to use online casinos that accept POLi payments.

Some Background on POLi Payments

POLi (short for Pay OnLine) is a popular online antipodean payments system available in Australia and New Zealand. It allows users to make purchases on websites without the need for a credit card or any type of registration, making it one of the most friction-free ways of paying for goods and services online.

From the consumer point of view, POLi works seamlessly by letting people pay directly from their bank accounts online using existing funds. This is a huge plus point for people who are unwilling or unable to use PayPal or credit cards online and gives them all the benefits of secure online banking to boot.

For online merchants, it’s a great option to make available to customers and lets businesses reach a much wider range of the market with very little additional costs involved. As an example, over 95% of Australians already have online banking so offering payment via POLi gives you instant access as a merchant to the vast majority of your potential target audience.

Due to its ease of use and inherent security, POLi has become an extremely popular option on gambling and casino sites across Australia and New Zealand. Let’s move on to what to look for in an online casino that accepts POLi

POLI Payments Updates 2021

POLI has always been one of the most relevant funding methods in Australia, this is thanks to their strategic partnerships with the best online casinos available, one of these casinos is Play Croco, which is now adding Asgard Deluxe to its gaming portfolio.

Thanks to POLI’s low and fixed service fees, merchants can save an average of 40% in their transaction costs, compared to processing payments with a credit card.

Citizens from Gisborne, New Zealand, had been recently targeted by multiple scam attempts, authorities have advised consumers to manage large online transactions with the help of secure platforms such as POLI or PayPal.

According to a survey conducted by Payments NZ and Yabble, In 2020, 33% of New Zealand consumers are using direct bank payment options like POLI.

For business owners, it is possible to enable POLI payments within the XERO invoice software, effectively giving customers the ability to make payments by using this platform.

According to a survey made by WorldPay in 2018, POLI, PayPal, and Visa Checkout are considered the top payment methods for gambling in Australia and New Zealand.

POLI’s future within the gambling industry in Australia could be facing major changes, as the country moves forward into banning the use of credit cards at online casinos, more regulations regarding online gambling could come in the near future.

Things To Look Out For In Casinos That Accept POLi Payments

You’ll find POLi available as a payment option on the majority of bookmakers and online casinos across Australia and New Zealand. Simply look for POLi or the POLi logo listed among the payment options on offer and you’ll be good to go.

The payment option itself is as secure as any online banking system but you will, naturally, want to check the bona fides of your casino provider before signing up. Begin by checking the online reputation of the casino you’re considering going with. You want to be sure they have a solid reputation online and a base of satisfied existing customers.

You’ll also want to see that they’ve been in operation for a number of years and, ideally, that they have an offline presence as well. In addition, be certain that the casino you’re considering also offers a full range of support options via telephone, email, and chat in case any problems emerge with your account down the line.

Funding casino accounts with POLi payments

How The POLi System Works

Using POLi couldn’t be simpler. Simply select POLi as the payment option and you’ll be connected with your online banking account where you can directly enter your details, confirm the payment and receive confirmation of the transaction.

All major Australian and New Zealand banks are supported so whether you’re using a major player such as ANZ or Commonwealth Bank in Australia, or Kiwibank or Bank of New Zealand in New Zealand, you should be covered.

With Poli being one of the biggest e-wallets in Australia, let’s have a look at how widely used this payment method is in comparison to other options out there. According to Worldpay’s “Gaming Payments Report” e-wallets remains to be the second dominant option in the country.

Online payment methods preference Australia

There are a number of advantages to you as a consumer. Firstly, there is no transaction charge for using the service. You also have the additional security advantage of not having to enter your financial details on the merchant’s site – all transactions are securely processed via your own internet banking account rather than on the online casino’s site. You also don’t generally have to register an account in order to make the POLi payment.

One key point to note in the context of online casinos is that you’ll be using POLi to deposit funds into your account but you can’t use it to withdraw funds. It’s a one-way transaction in that sense, so you’ll need to enable another payment method in order to withdraw future winnings.

POLi payments are a popular option in Australia and New Zealand

Online Casino Software You’ll Find With POLi Casinos

The majority of online casinos use software from a relatively small group of dedicated software providers. You’ll typically find software from one of the following companies on offer at online casinos when playing:

  • Microgaming: Microgaming is one of the most popular providers in the online casino industry and their technology has a reputation for being highly reliable and secure. With more than 600 original games across their range of titles, there’s something for everyone at a Microgaming casino and you’ll find their software powering many casinos that accept POLi payments.
  • Playtech: Playtech advertises itself as the “world’s largest gambling software and services supplier” and has been going strong since 1999. They provide software for poker rooms, online casinos, bingo games and much more. You’ll find Playtech software working under the hood of many of the most popular online casinos enjoyed by Australian and New Zealand gamblers.
  • RTG: Realtime Gaming are another long-established casino software provider who’ve been in operation since 1998. RTG casinos are particularly well-known for offering progressive jackpots games with potentially enormous payouts on offer. Unfortunately, POLi is not usually offered as a payment option with RTG casinos.

Alternatives To POLi As An Online Casino Payment Method

Though it’s incredibly handy as an option for gamblers in Australia and New Zealand, POLi is far from the only payment option available for online casinos. Let’s step through the main alternatives you can take advantage of:

  • Using PayPal to fund your online casino accountPayPal: PayPal has been the number one online e-wallet for over a decade now for good reason – they’re hard to beat for convenience, security and speed of funds transfer worldwide.
  • Skrill is a polular alternative to POLi paymentsSkrill: Formerly known as MoneyBookers, Skrill is one of the leading PayPal competitors available online and is increasingly popular in territories such as Europe. It’s also available in over 40 different currencies and in 200 countries worldwide.
  • Neteller is a popular e-wallet casino account funding optionNeteler: Based in the Isle of Man, Neteller is an up and coming e-wallet provider and is available in over 200 countries. The company has targeted the online gaming market in particular over the years and gained a reputation as a viable online casino account funding source with gamblers worldwide.
  • Credit cards are a traditional option for funding online casino accountsCredit cards: Finally, we have the most traditional way of funding online casino accounts – credit cards. Whether it’s Amex, Mastercard or Visa, the vast majority of online casinos will be happy to take all major credit cards and they can be used for adding and withdrawing funds with equal ease. The major credit card providers offer the additional advantage of providing attractive bonuses and special offers for card holders who make use of their services.

Table games on offer in POLi payment casinos

Gaming Options At POLi Online Casinos

The good news with using POLi to fund your casino account is that it should have virtually no impact on the range of games available to you as a player. Here’s a quick run-down of the most popular options available:

  • Poker: Poker is out on its own as the most popular online casino game worldwide. You can expect to find a full range of poker variants and tables sizes at online casinos, along with an interesting mix of skill levels among players. Whether your game is seven card stud, straight poker, or Texas Hold ‘Em, you won’t be disappointed with the range of games available online.
  • Blackjack: There’s something about the unique mix of skill and strategy that attracts certain sorts of gamblers to blackjack in particular. The basic split you’ll see in online casinos is between software-powered blackjack games and live-dealer blackjack where you’re interacting with a real-world croupier. Many players enjoy the immediacy of the latter.
  • Roulette: With its rich cinematic history and glamourous associations, roulette is perhaps the best known of all casino games. It’s an increasingly immersive option to play online as well with recent advances in 3D gaming technology making it more like the real thing than ever.
  • Slots: A casino just isn’t a casino without some slots action on hand to enjoy and online casinos provide an incredible array of compelling titles to pick from when you’re after a little low-stakes action on the side.

If you’re resident in Australia or New Zealand then getting set up for POLi payments makes an awful lot of sense. As we’ve hopefully demonstrated in this article, it’s an incredibly simple and convenient way of both funding online casino accounts and making all manner of purchases for goods and services online.

The combination of security and ease of use is hard to beat and the lack of associated fees makes a pleasant change from other account funding methods. POLi is a payment system that may yet expand into other territories so, even if you’re not able to make use of it right now, it’s a good option to keep an eye on for further down the road.


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