Mobile Casinos for Real Money

Through this article, we will review the main characteristics in mobile casinos, their offer and how these platforms are getting more users while increasing their popularity among users.

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As online betting increase in popularity, new features and added values are presented in the market to attract more users. Mobile casinos are now one of the biggest trends for betting providers that have in mind that users are looking for the possibility to access to their betting options everywhere at any time, in this world where we stopped walking and start running users want to avoid losing time, while waiting in a bank or in the bus people use their mobile devices to do several things from checking their email to learning new languages, and why not playing Blackjack with the opportunity of winning some money.

Which is the best operative system for mobile casinos?

The discussion of which is the best operative system  for mobile devices started a while ago, users of each operative systems have different arguments to defend their preferences, however in the specific case of mobile casinos we can enlist some pros and cons of each one.

Android have several pros, the most relevant is the fact that is the operative system with more users in the world and of course it becomes a more attractive operative system for mobile casinos that are looking to reach the mayor number of users possible. Another great advantage of Android in general is the customization possibilities which is a little bit limited in iOs devices.

Eventhouh iOs first added value is to be reliable devices recently they are experiencing some issues, according to a study in 2016 there were several complaints of apps crashing with the latest versions of iOs. There are several pros for apple device users; the design has always been an added value in iphones usually apps in these devices have a better looking design and graphics, another great advantage of the use of iOs for betting purposes is the fast actualizations provided by this operative system.

The best pros of using a Windows operative system in a mobile device are the simplicity and customization opportunities that are higher than in any other operative system, and the biggest cons is the small offer of apps available for them.

At the end of the day, every operative system has several pros and some cons and the most important factor is your comfort in using your device and taking the best experience of them besides the brand of the operative system. For betting in real money the main concern of users is the possibility to access to their favorite casino app on their devices, for this purpose you can either download the apps or play through browsers, off course installing an app will improve the experience of betting and remember that even if you don’t find the app directly in the app stores you can search it and download it from their websites. 

betting on mobile devices

How to select the best mobile casino?

With the multiple offer available of mobile casino apps it might be overwhelming to make a decision of which app you should get, however with a quick previous research you’ll make sure you pick the right choice.

One of the most recent trends in the world of casino apps is the appearance of specialized apps for certain betting options, if you are sport fan and your only looking for betting in your favorite sport or league you’ll surely find a great app that won’t only limit its offer to this type of betting but that also will provide vast information and performance tracking of teams which will of course be a great added value for you and will help you to place more efficient bets.

On the other hand there are casino apps more complete that offer a wide range of games and betting options, for all of us who like betting on our favorite team and play some roulette in between, these apps are a great option. 

It is important to remember that there’s no way of making a great comparison if we only stick to one option, you won’t know if the app you selected is the right one for you if you don’t try others, and maybe the right fit for you is actually a mix of two or more apps that together will bring you the mobile betting experience you’re looking for.

Besides the betting options, there are other several things to analyze before selecting the right platform. If you’re looking for technological innovation there are several providers that are now investing in great services like virtual reality gambling which according to CNBC might be of the biggest revolution of the industry in further years. There are also other great advantages like live streaming of sport events or the opportunity of betting live with real dealers and other users, so take in account the technological opportunities that casino apps have to offer.

The most popular games in mobile casinos

Mobile casinos offer practicality, comfort and excitement trough a wide range of games and betting options, we will review some of the most popular games and their basic characteristics:

Slots: This game remains the king of casino platforms even on mobile devices, one of the reasons why it’s so popular is the relatively facility for playing, the rapidity of bets and the innovative themed games that casinos offer, also we shouldn’t forget that this is the game with the biggest jackpots.

Card games: Mobile casinos offer several card games, according to your betting provider you’ll have access to different games and game dynamics, the most famous are Blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat and Pontoon, if are looking for more fun and interaction you can play live with real dealers and players.

Roulette: Another favorite casino offer is the roulette, this entertaining game in its multiple versions offer several betting options and there are several strategies to get the best of the game and increase your earnings.

Sports: Probably the most popular betting offer for mobile casinos are sport events, first of all due to the convenience of being able to bet on a match while you see it on the stadium, the bar or your friend’s house directly  from  your mobile device, however the biggest advantage of using your mobile device for betting on sports or eSports is the fact that several betting platforms offer the possibility of watching the matches while you do your bets, which is very convenient if you are at the office and you can’t run to watch the game somewhere else, very convenient isn’t it?

casino games available at mobile casinos

How to use your mobile device to place bets safely?

Betting on your mobile device is a great and entertaining activity, however you should make sure you keep it fun and that you do it safely.

First, you should make sure that betting online is legal in your country, betting regulation works different in each country and in some cases the legislation variates from one region to another, so it’s very important to acknowledge the legislation of your place of residence. 

Since the regulation of online gambling is in constant change it may be hard to know if you’re keeping your gambling under the law, however betting casinos make it easier by modifying themselves the terms and conditions of their services, if you choose a reputable casino while subscribing they will ask you to enter your place of residence and they’ll let you know if you can or not do gambling through your mobile device, remember that casino games and sport betting have different legislation so in some cases you will be able to play roulette or blackjack but you won’t be able to bet on your favorite NBA team unless is through a fantasy gambling model.

Another aspect of safety that is very important while betting on mobile devices is the security of your personal and financial information. To avoid any fraud it’s imperative that we are cautious in any activity online that involves money, mobile casinos are aware of our concerns and they show us their formality through certifications and participation in associations that assure that our information will be safe while subscribing with them, so before choosing a mobile betting platform, verify their certifications and associations participation you’ll surely find the information in their main page.

How to fund your mobile casino app?

We have several options to fund our accounts for betting on mobile devices, every option has its pros and cons and as everything we should select the one that works the best and the most comfortable for us:

Mastercard/Visa: Bank cards is the traditional and most common way to fund your gambling activity online, almost all casinos accept Mastercard or Visa cards to enter and withdraw your casino earnings.

there are several options for funding mobile casinos

Paypal: This popular e-wallet is also one of the most common payment method for mobile casinos. Paypal also offer a safety advantage for all who use it for funding their casino accounts, this e-wallet is very strict with their partners and you won’t be able to use it for funding your casino account unless online gambling is legal in your place of residence which makes it a great way to make sure you play and win safely.

Skrill: As e-wallets gain popularity among users new providers appear in the market, Skrill has been able to position itself as one of the favorite e-wallets for casino users and several mobile casino accepts it now as a funding and withdrawal method.

Bitcoin: Cryptocurrencies are a great trend and offer incredible advantages for online transactions and Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency in the market. The biggest advantage of cryptocurrencies is the transactions fees which actually could be nothing if you have time to wait for the transaction to be cleared, however there’s another great advantage that makes from Bitcoin the favorite funding method for several users, we are talking about anonymity; some users will prefer to have their bank accounts completely separate from their gambling life and Bitcoin offers this possibility, while using only Bitcoin for funding and withdrawing your mobile casino you won’t have any link with your financial information.

Bonus and promotions in mobile casinos

As new providers appear in the market and casinos compete intensely to bring new users to their platforms, very attractive bonus and promotions are offered to users. The most popular bonus you’ll find in betting platforms are the welcome bonus; basically, casinos will offer to duplicate and even triplicate your first deposit on your account. 

While playing in your favorite games you’ll also find very attractive promotions in certain games or events, you just must keep your eyes open to take the most of these promotions. A great example are the jackpots that offer millions of dollars in certain games, even when slots are the most common games with jackpots available, casinos are now including more games and tournaments for offering attractive jackpots.

Another good promotion specially for new users are the free plays which basically is the opportunity of playing without risking your money which will be excellent to try new games and to try new betting strategies.

Finally, it’s important to remark that you will find great bonus and promotions exclusively for mobile devices as casinos are trying to involve more their users to play through those platforms, so make sure you read carefully the small print and to make the best of the multiple promotions you’ll find for mobile betting.

The Best Promotions for Mobile Casinos