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Nowadays, it seems like we live in the portable devices and online era; where people is getting more and more used to be connected all day and do all kind of activities through their digital devices; from playing to ordering food and doing financial transactions; the need of an immediate capability of performing all kinds of actions from digital devices is more present than it has ever been, and, as it has become one of the most important demands from consumers, there is almost not a single market niche that hasn’t take this in account and act in consequence. And of course the casino’s industry just couldn’t stay behind and today we have plenty of different options to bet from the comfort of our houses or from any place, as long as we have an internet connection.

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Having so many options for gambling as we have today, it is very important to know the differences from one option to another, from the benefits offered to the disadvantages we may find along the way, for what here we will analyze the options offered for iPad devices, one of the most important products of its kind on the IT industry; were Apple has become a referent and a game changer.

The iPad Revolution and its Impact on Online Casinos

The first time we heard from Steve Jobs the announcement of a new device called iPad, there were all kind of speculations about the new product, where a big part of the analysts stood on the side of bad omens, as it was hard to think that a device as the one that was put on disclosure was going to have a big importance into a market dominated by laptops, specially, when it was hard to imagine a functional device that looked like a larger iPod touch but wanted to fulfill the needs of a computer, while a few years ago we were just starting to adapt to the new wave of smartphones. However, any bad prediction regarding the newly introduced tablet was completely out of context, as it was a totally new market, creating a whole new concept, needs and possibilities that was going to revolutionize the whole IT market where tablets were completely out of our imagination.

Eight years later, there is not a doubt about the iPad being a game changer, and its importance has reflected into the constant development of new generations of tablets, by apple and its competence, and a growing market that keeps increasing its sells. And, as this vibrant market grows it keeps bringing changes into a lot of different industries, including the casinos, that have had the intelligence to take advantage of all the characteristics brought with the iPad revolution.

Advantages of Betting from your iPad

To start this list, we will like to mention some of the most obvious reasons to choose playing from an iPad in comparison to other devices; where the size of the screen is without any doubt one of the most important characteristics as it will let us have more precision when placing our bets. And, if we add to this the friendly and intuitive interface, as well as the mobility offered by iPads, it’s very clear to see why this is an option preferred by a lot of users.

The liability of iPad devices goes from functionality to safety; as a well stablished brand, apple has had the opportunity to improve their products to the point where they have accomplished the inclusion of new characteristics without compromising the performance, making of iPad one of the most reliable devices for betting, without dealing with annoying system fails and other common problems. 


On the other hand, in order to guarantee a better experience for their users, Apple has a strict policy when it comes to include an app into their app store, so there is a very small chance of finding ourselves with a dangerous or dysfunctional application while playing. 

One of the main characteristics of the new generations of iPads is the amazing graphics provided by the new retina display technology, designed to refine images and make pixels invisible for the human eye, a very important factor when it comes to online casinos, who, in the spirit of competition, are focusing their efforts into improving the experience of their users, offering licensed games from all kinds of popular franchises like Tomb Raider or The Hulk, with better graphics every time, taking advantage of the new devices and the possibilities they provide.

Bonuses might sound as a characteristic that you can find in any casino, however, it is important to notice that the users of iPad devices represent a privileged part of the market and are known to have a great acquisitive power, as a consequence, casinos operators offer a lot of benefits for iOS users in order to retain as many customers as possible, including special bonuses for using platforms like PayPal or Bitcoin when doing our transactions.

Live Streaming for bets on sports is one of the most dazzling characteristics brought by online casinos, especially for sport lovers who can enjoy their favorite games from their iPads with high quality and knowing that iOS won’t let the bugs get in their way. 

Finally, there is a huge number of apps when it comes to iOS devices; as years has passed, apple has become a leading brand and an important referent for its market, having all kinds of business wanting its share of apple’s users and working for it, including online casinos, who offers apps coming in all kinds of “colors and flavors” to fulfill customer’s needs. 


Disadvantages of Playing Online Casinos on iPads 

Now that we have analyzed the advantages of playing through iPad devices, it is important to take in consideration that there is not such a thing as perfection unless you are Nadia Comaneci doing gymnastics on the Olympics of 1976, however, this is just the exception that follows the rule, and, sadly, iPad devices are not an exception to the rule when it comes to technology, and have some disadvantages like any other digital device that we would like to review.

Availability: As we mentioned before, iPad devices have access to a huge amount of online casino apps and even have exclusivity with some operators, however this also applies on an opposite direction, what means there are some options that are not available for iPads as these are exclusive for other operative systems, but this is not only a bad new, sometimes the fact that an option is not available for iOS devices means that it is not secure, reliable or functional, reasons that can have a lot of influence to keep this apps out of the App Store. 

Prohibitive Prices: It is not a big surprise that Apple manages high prices on all its products, including iPads, and sometimes it doesn’t matter if it is one of the best options for betting if it is out of our acquisitive power.

Limited capacity: iPad devices are without doubt one of the most advanced gadgets in the market, however it is also a device defined by its own limitations as it doesn’t have many possibilities when it comes to memory expansion or compatibility with other kinds of technology, in comparison to other devices that allow the use of SD card to increase the memory capacity, or the use of HDMI wires to connect them with high video quality screens, so forget about watching your games from your TV screen or about having way too many apps installed as the memory can be very limited, what can be a special perk when it comes to online gambling, where, as mentioned before, casinos offer a lot of new characteristics and heavy graphics to improve users experience, that may imply the use of a lot of memory and leave us with lesser space for other utilities. 

Restricted software: It is very common that the users of online casinos start to approach to the world of online gambling through their computers, and after they have picked the option that adapts better to their needs they migrate to their portable devices, from cellphones to tablets, but sometimes this could result into a counterproductive effort, especially when trying to migrate to iPad devices, since this tech requires software written specially and only for iOS devices, what means that some casino options that are available for Windows or Mac OS X may not have the option for the App Store as a whole different work of programming is needed. So, if you are planning to play from more than one different device, it is important to see if the option picked to place your bet is available for different operative systems. 

Advices for the Right Pick Among Online Casinos

Now that we have gone through some of the benefits and disadvantages of playing and betting from iPad devices, it is important to do a revision about the different factors to take in consideration when picking our online casino platform in order to have a good and safe experience while placing our bets.


The first step you should take toward the right pick is to make a list of your requirements, starting with the games you wish to play, the devices you wish to use, the amounts of money you wish to invest and the payment methods casinos offer, this way you will be able to ensure playing your favorite games, without any limitation and secure a better experience, nobody likes to go through the whole registration process just to find that our credit cards are not accepted or that they only have one of our favorite games available, so take a bit of time to figure out this details, it will totally worth it.  

Now, passing to more technical affairs, it is always important to know at least a bit about the world of online casinos, where there are some important actors to take in account as we move through this world; on one side we have the casino operators, who are the direct providers of casino services for their users, however it would be naive to think that these operators handle the hard work of programming and creating the online games we like so much, as it represents a very specialized and hard job to be made by any person, and online casinos have started to be a “any person” kind of business, but,  how is this possible and how does this help us as players? The answer is very simple; as the industry has grown and the “know how” of this market is already established, there are not many brands willing to develop new software, especially if it implies starting from zero, instead there are a few enterprises like Microgaming, PlayTech and Real Time Gaming, probably the 3 biggest giants on this market, who provide their software to most of the casinos, or at least to the most important ones, and, as well established brands they have very specific requirements for the operators they work with, all this in order to guarantee that their software is not been used for fraudulent activities or provided through unsafely and dysfunctional casinos. So it will always be a good choice to stick with those operators that offer software from any of the software giants of the online casinos world.


Finally, remember that gambling is not legal everywhere and that the laws applied for regular casinos, usually are the same for online gambling, so, before you start investing your money, it is important for you to check that the activities you are about to perform are legal on the country you are gambling from, it is always a better choice to stick to the law and avoid future problems, having fun through online casinos can be amazing, but definitively is not worth putting ourselves on any kind of risk. 

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