Online Casinos in Australia

Gambling is one of the favorite hobbies for Australians, according to a study published by The Economist; Australia is the biggest gambler per capita in the world, and it’s easy to understand why. Casino games bring excitement and fun while offering the opportunity of winning real money and sport betting add more adrenaline to matches changing the way of following your favorite team. If we add the comfort and practicality of gambling online and through mobile devices, we can see why Australians look for fun with these activities.

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This article compiles the most valuable information regarding the world of online betting in Australia including the history, regulation, gambling offer, pros and cons of this industry in Australia. We researched the most valuable information for both; experienced and new gamblers to provide the most accurate information to keep your online gambling experience safe and fun.

History of Gambling in Australia

The history of Australian gambling goes far in the past, since European settlers brought their favorite casino games they became part of the social habits that reflects now at days at the countless pokies available at bars where you can gather with your friends to enjoy a drink and gamble at the same time.

The first expression of gambling registered in Australia was a horse race that took place in 1810 in Sidney, this was the first introduction of gambling to the country and horse racing will remain one of the most popular gambling activities in Australia until our days.

Several years after, the Australian history of gambling continued with the first lottery in the country in 1880, and the so popular pokies appeared near 1950 also another gambling activity that came to stay in Australian gambling habits. 

The first regulated land-based casino in Australia was founded in 1973 in Tasmania; The Wrest Point Hotel Casino which marked the beginning of the settlement of numerous companies that will create a multimillionaire industry in the country.

With the introduction of online casinos and bookmakers the industry kept growing driven by the comfort, the global sport betting offer and technological innovations. Taking in account that in this industry new providers, games and betting styles appear daily we can expect gambling market in Australia to keep changing and growing every day.

Online gambling regulation in Australia

Gambling online is available and legal for Aussies both casino games and sport betting, however as always, some restrictions apply. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA) describes the guidelines of legal gambling in the country and it specifies that for casinos based in Australia is forbitten to offer online gambling services for Australians, however for providers based outside Australia there aren’t any restrictions for their offering. Currently, casinos based in Australia can offer their online gambling services to clients outside Australia, so at the end of the day everyone is safe if you bet on online casinos outside your country of residence.

Inside the regulation of sport online gambling in Australia there’s a special emphasis for in-play gambling, certain providers based in Australia may offer sport betting for Australians with a permit, however they can’t offer live betting which is one of the most famous forms of sport betting in which odds and betting opportunities variates through a sport event development and where gamblers can place bets while watching a game. Also, online lotteries are allowed from Australian online platforms to Australian consumers as long as they don’t offer instant win games like scratch cards.

The regulation for online casinos in completely focused on providers, as users are not penalized for their online gambling whatever platform and activity they perform however if an online casino based in Australia is caught offering live sport betting for Aussies it will have a penalization and the user won’t be penalized but probably his access to those activities will be restricted. Another important form of restriction the government have in online casino operators is prohibition to advertise their online gambling services representing a big restriction for companies that are looking for new gamblers.

Despite the regulations and interdictions of the IGA, Australia remains one of the biggest markets for online gambling, according to a productivity report of the Australian Government in 2010 the value of the market of online gambling in this country was valued in more than $800 million dollars which urges an actualization on the regulation to adopt a new perspective of the reach of one of the favorite activities of Aussies.

Learn about gambling regulation in Australia before choosing an online casino

The most popular casino games in Australia

The variety in casino games offered globally is very vast, each day online casinos extend their offer with new games and playing modalities to attract new customers, however every country has some favorite games that remains the most popular, below a few of the most popular between Aussies:

Slots: Aussies are well known as big fans of slots, it’s estimated that 4% of the population of Australia gambles in slots at least one time per week, which perfectly shows the importance of this game in the gambling industry and with the convenience of doing it at home or outside through a mobile device the percentage is estimated to keep growing.

Poker: Another favorite of Aussies is poker, this emblematic casino game has captivated gamblers since the very start of casinos in Australia, through the years it has consolidated as one of the most important games in the country and several poker tournaments have chosen this country to base their events. Of course, the benefits of online gambling have helped to increase the number of gamblers who look for comfort and excitement playing poker online.

Black Jack: Even when poker is by far the most popular card game of casinos in Australia, Black Jack also has a great and increasing popularity. This game has found several fans in this country mainly due to its relatively simplicity for playing, inexperienced players may adapt faster to the game. Another factor that has helped in the positioning of Black Jack among the favorite games in Australia are the innovations of online casinos in terms of themed games and graphics that offer more colorful and interesting versions of this game.

Roulette is one of the favorite casino games in Australia

Roulette: Another favorite of Aussies is the roulette; this amazing game is famous all over the world for its variety of bets possible in every spin. There are diverse types of roulette to play online, you can choose between American, French and other modalities and you can make different bets; you can bet simple or adopt very complex forms of betting so this game is very popular for both new and experienced players. If you want to improve your game and try new betting forms we highly recommend looking for online casinos that offer free spins where you can practice until you’re confident to play roulette with real money, also make sure you fully understand the different type of roulettes and their rules before selecting one for gambling your money.

Australian sport betting

In the world of online gambling in Australia sport betting is a big attraction for most of Aussies, with a particular inclination for sports that aren’t so common in other great markets of online sport betting like United Kingdom or Canada. The diversity of sports, events and betting modalities have made of sport betting a very attractive activity, below we cover the favorite sports that Australians prefer for placing their bets:

Cricket: One of the sports with more history in the country, actually the first cricket game registered in Australia had place in 1803 and since then cricket became one of the most important sports on the country, several years later on 1892 the first administrative center of this sport was created in Australia but it was until 1905 that the current national government body of the sport was created under the name of Cricket Australia. Internationally, Australia has been representing this sport since a long time, actually the first Australian cricket team that played internationally went to England in 1868 so it’s completely understood why this sport is so important for Aussie sports fans and online gamblers.

Rugby: with a long history and a continue increasing number of fans come another favorite sport of Aussies; the rugby. The history of this sport in Australia formally started in 1864 with the foundation of the Sidney University Rugby Club, and as being such an important sport for the country online bookmakers make sure to cover as most games as possible of rugby to keep Aussie punters satisfied.

You'll find several Rugby betting options in Australia

Australian Rules Football: Without doubt the clearest referent of Australian sports is the Australian rules football. This unique sport was created in 1858 by Tom Wills who took European influence to create a new sport that for years and until our days will represent Australia worldwide. If you are a fan of Australian rules football you might have to make a more exhaustive research to find all the online betting providers that cover this sport.

Racing: As explained before horse racing was the first contact registered of betting in Australia in 1810, both greyhound and horse racing have only grown in popularity in the country over the years and even some public figures have worked to defend the industry and extend its protection and legislation, a notable example of this is the Senator Chris Black who stated that the industry of horse racing in Australia is worth 2 billion dollars per year. 

Formula 1: Motor sports in general are very popular in Australia, however the king of motor sports events in the country by far is the Formula One who arrived for the first time to the country in 1985 to Adelaide but it wasn’t until 1996 that the first Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit had place.  This globally renowned event is covered by most of online sport providers and of course Australian betting platforms make special emphasis on it and some of them even bring special promotions for Formula One betting.

In addition to knowing all about your favorite sport, its leagues and teams performance it’s important to completely understand the different type of betting options available in order to get the best betting experience and to be sure you make the right decisions while trying to earn real money from your favorite sport.

You can take advantage of your sport knowledge in several betting options that go from the typical winner-looser of a match to more exotic options like selecting which team or player will score first, who will be the man of the match, you can place bets on the halftime or quarter scores and even on who will be the winner of the toss. 

Margin bets are gaining great popularity among punters, under this betting modality you can select the range of difference that the final score of a match will have instead of estimating the exact final score. 

Another very interesting betting modality is the handicap, when choosing this betting type, you’ll have to estimate the winner of a match adding a certain advantage that the betting platform will assign to the underdog of the event. So, if for example your betting on handicap on a soccer match between the Real Madrid and the Barcelona if the bookmaker gives a handicap of (1-0) it means the bookmaker estimates that the winner will the Barcelona and if you want to bet on this team as a winner at the final score of the match Barcelona will have to be at least 2 scores up from Real Madrid in order to win the handicap bet.

Finally comes the combination of bets for one big prize, we are talking about Parlay or Multibets, this betting modality works as follows: You would have to make more than two bets that can be single betting, handicap, margin or others and you will win the bet if all your bets are correct, of course this is more difficult than applying on single or different bets, however the earnings of parlay bets are higher than in single bets and that’s why experienced gamblers like them so much.

Payment methods available for online gambling in Australia

Every online casino manages its banking options differently but there are always some similarities between providers in a specific market, we have compiled information of the most popular payment methods available in Australia so you can choose the one that better suits you.

Deposit and withdrawing options vary according to the payment method at online casinos

The best bonus for online casinos in Australia

If there’s something characteristic about online casinos is the high competition that translates in great promotions to captivate more users, it is very important to understand each type of bonus, their pros and cons. Below we enlist the most common promotions you will find of casinos on Australia and how they work, as a general recommendation remember to read carefully the small print to avoid any deception.

Australia has a long history of gambling

Welcome Bonus: Every online casino offer a welcome promotion for new users that subscribe to their platform, some casinos offer to duplicate or even to triplicate the first deposit in your account which offers you a great opportunity to leverage your online gambling experience. Usually these welcome bonuses have a limit of $200 or $300 however there are some casinos that have gone further with their promotions and offer to give you bonus up to 30% on your first five deposits in your account with limits of $1,5000. It’s very important to take in account that these promotions are not free money but an opportunity to have more fun and increase your earning, in order to withdraw the earnings obtained from these welcome bonus you will have to win a certain amount through your online gambling, some casinos will ask you to play until you have wagered twenty times the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw your full earnings, so make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the promotion you are selecting before subscribing.

Logging Bonus: There are some innovative promotions that online casinos use to reward loyal users, every platform uses different promotions but you’ll surely find one in any casino you choose. The most common of these promotions are the logging bonus, some betting platforms make raffles of free money bonus just for logging to your online casino account in a certain date and sometimes specifically from a certain device like your smartphone or your pc. These are some basic and easy promotions that you should look for once you signed up with an online casino platform.

Game Bonus: In order to promote some games in special you will find special bonuses on your favorite casino games, some examples of this type of promotions are: win every time the roulette falls in certain number without the need to risk your money (of course while you are already wagering in the roulette), receive a bonus if you wager 10 times your bets in Black Jack, etc. Remember to read carefully the instructions of each promotion.

Casino Points: Another common promotion in every online casino are the fidelity points, this promotion is very easy to follow, every time you place a bet you earn points for the amount if your bet and once you have gather enough points you can exchange them for real money to keep playing.

Online Casinos in Australia offer several promotions

FAQS: Frequently asked questions regarding online casinos in Australia

What’s the history of betting in Australia?

Is it legal to bet online in Australia?

Which are the favorite casino games for Aussies?

Which are the preferred sports for placing bets in Australia?

How can I fund my online casino?

Which are the best bonus for online casinos in Australia?

Which is the best online casino in Australia?

Does gambling develop addiction?

What innovations have occurred in online casinos in Australia?

Which is the best online casino in Australia?

The options for selecting an online betting platform in Australia are numerous, all casinos and bookmakers will offer very attractive features such as promotions, bonus, graphics, betting modalities, etc. at the end of the day the best online casino for you will be the one that has a favorable mix of everything you are looking for, you just have to invest a little time in a previous research.

Does gambling develop addiction?

Betting online is all about fun, having a good time playing your favorite games or adding more adrenaline to a match betting on your favorite team. However, every person reacts differently and in some cases, it can drive to an addiction; whenever your gambling activity stopped being fun or had a negative impact in your life; it might be the right moment for stopping this hobby and remember there are several associations that may help you in case you need assistance if you have developed a gambling problem.

What innovations have occurred in online casinos in Australia?

In the world of online casinos there are innovations every day, from new type of bonus and promotions to new payment methods you will always find something new. 

The biggest innovation now at days is the combination of virtual reality and online casinos which offer a new way of experience online gambling, with this innovation you can actually see a virtual casino in your living room and play slots or poker in the complete ambiance of a casino with all the comfort that online casinos provide. There are a few online casinos that currently offer virtual reality as one of their features but the whole industry is looking to gain added value from this amazing technologic innovation.

The Best Promotions of Online Casinos in Australia