Online Casinos in Canada

The online gambling industry has maintained a considerable growth over the last decade. As a global trend; everyday there are more online casinos appearing in the market and there are more users entering to these gambling platforms. Even when online gambling is a global trend, it’s important to analyze the pros and cons of online casinos in your country of residence since the experience, legislation and limitations change for every country, over this article we will analyze the Canadian market to present all the pertinent information of online casinos for Canadian users.

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From laws and online casino regulations to the favorite games and bets among Canadians, we provide a full review of the main drivers of online betting in Canada, so you can enhance your online gambling experience.

Online gambling regulation in Canada

One of the mayor concerns for users is the legality of betting on online casinos, and the great news for Canadians is that in Canada it’s completely legal to bet online, however some restrictions apply.

In Canada, as well in several other countries, the regulation for gambling variates from one province to another which requires a previous research from users before engaging in this activity, in the case of online casinos the general rule for all the country is that Canadians can play in online casinos if they are based outside Canada, and Canada based online casinos are forbitten without a prior permit determination.

Regarding the provincial jurisdiction and the betting laws in Canada there are several points to analyze. First of all, it’s important to remark that horse racing is legal in all Canada and it’s particularly regulated by the Canadian Parimutuel Agency.

In the province of Quebec is situated the only regulatory agency for online gambling; this pioneer regulation agency grants permits to online platforms to stablish their activities in Canada and offer their services to Canadian users, more than 50 online casinos have permits from this institution, a great advantage for users is the possibility of placing bets in sports events as well as in casino games.

Every day more provinces amplify the user rights and encourage legislation to adopt online gambling activities, however on all the country something is sure: online gambling is always legal if you select an offshore provider, however if you would like to bet on a Canadian provider you must be sure it is allowed in your place of residence and that the provider you select has permit to offer those services.

online gambling regulation in Canada

Opting between a Canadian or an offshore online casino

There are several advantages of both using a Canadian or an offshore online casino, when looking for a new online casino platform it’s important to have a big picture of the pros and cons of each option in order to make the right decision, reason why we compiled the main features you should look at when comparing these two options. 

There are several differences between offshore and Canadian online casinos

Don’t forget that the best casino choice for you will be the one that offers the most suitable mix of added value for you between games, innovations, bonus and payment methods, making a brief research first; you’ll find the right fit for you. Also, don’t hesitate in trying various casinos online at the same time so you can make a good comparative between them and take more advantage of the bonus and promotions they offer.

Payment methods available for online gambling in Canada

There are several options for funding and withdrawing your earnings from a casino in Canada, we enlist the most popular, so you can make the choice that better suits you:

Paypal: This e-wallet provider is the most popular in the world for online transactions. For using Paypal you would need to subscribe to the website and you’ll have an account linked to your credit or debit card, you can easily transfer funds to and from your bank accounts, once you have funds on Paypal you can make and receive payments through internet, one of the best advantages of this e-wallet is the fact that you won’t be providing your financial information every time you want to make a transaction on internet. This famous e-wallet is a little bit restricted for online casinos in several countries, however this isn’t the case of Canada where you can fund and receive money from online betting providers.

Neteller: Another e-wallet that has rapidly increased in popularity is Neteller, this brand is part of Paysafe Financial Services which gives it the trust of a lot of users. As explained before it’s competitor; Paypal has some restrictions while used for some online casinos, so Neteller took this as a great advantage to cover the market and currently is one of the most popular payment methods for online betting platforms everywhere, of course Canada included.

Online casinos in Canada offer a wide range of funding options

Paysafecard: This is also a very popular payment method for online transactions, brought by the same group of Neteller. How do they work? Basically, you buy these cards in a physical store for the amount you prefer, and you use the card to pay for online products and services. The big pro of this payment method is the anonymity and security since you won’t provide any financial information and your casino account won’t be linked to any bank account, obviously one of the cons of these cards is that they are mainly used only for deposits and you won’t be able to use it for withdrawing your gambling earnings.

Bank accounts: The most common payment method is the traditional one; credit and debit cards. It’s the simplest transfer method for several users and as long as you choose a well stablished and trustful online casino you can be sure you’ll be protected for any kind of fraud which is the main fear of users when opting for this funding method.

Entropay: This innovative card has revolutionized the market of e-wallets and prepaid cards as it’s a mix of both. Entropay is a Visa card that can be used in any physical establishment or to make online transactions with the great advantage of not being linked to any bank account. With Entropay you will create an account on their platform where you’ll be able to manage your funds just like any other e-wallet in the market and use it for making transactions like any other Visa card. This innovative payment method is very popular in all the world and in Canada you can also use it to fund and withdraw your funds from online casinos.

The most popular casino games in Canada

Card games are very popular at Canadian online casinos

Online casinos are a global trend in continuous expansion, however each market works differently. A clear example of this, are the favorite casino games that vary from one place to another; below a few of the preferred casino games and bets among Canadian users.

Slots: According to the Canadian Gaming Association, the kings of casino games in Canada are the slots. This game is very popular due to its relatively straightforward way of playing and attractive graphics, casinos online are trying to attract more customers to their slots by themed version of all kind of movies, shows, music and games. Another notable feature of slots are the big jackpots offered in these games that usually exceed the million of dollars.

Poker: This game is one of the most popular casino games in Canada, there are several poker communities and forums in the country that promote the game. One of the main drivers of this game popularity is the immigration of professional poker players that came from the United States when it became illegal to play on their country. After the incoming of professionals of the game the community hasn’t stopped growing bringing new fans every day. 

Live games: Another great trend for casino games in Canada is the social factor involved in gambling, younger gamblers from 18 to 34 years old have predilection for table games that involved interaction with other gamblers, online casinos offer the opportunity to mix the comfort of your coach, the accessibility of playing from any mobile device and the opportunity of interacting with real dealers and other players through their platforms.

Bingo: Brought from Europe and well established in United States and Canada, Bingo remains a very popular in Canada and bring several players to online casinos who are looking for both playing their favorite game with the possibility of earning real money and the comfort of doing it through their mobile devices whenever and wherever they want.

Canadian sport betting

Hockey is one of the favorite sports for betting in Canada

As well as online casinos; sport betting online is legal in Canada, so you’ll be safe while betting on your favorites teams. 

There are some sports that are clearly more popular in Canada than in other countries, ice hockey is a perfect example of these predilected sports for Canadians, but surely isn’t the only one, we can forget rugby, lacrosse, cricket and curling from the list sports that may not be so popular in all countries but that surely as a Canadian sports fan you would like to have on the offer of your betting platform. 

Even when Canadian gamblers may have different tastes for certain sports, there are several globally famous sports that are also kings in Canada betting sports choice; we are surely talking about horse racing, baseball, soccer, tennis and golf which surely will be available in well reputed online bookmakers for Canadians.

It’s very important to make a quick review of the sports and leagues covered by the casino you want to choose before creating an account to ensure you’ll be able to bet on your favorite teams. Some bookmakers offer innovative betting methods like live betting and some even stream the matches live through their platforms, so you’ll be able to watch the game through your casino account, just make sure to read all the betting instructions and to be completely aware of how sport odds work.

When betting on sports online you have the great advantage of betting on any match in the world, but being a globalized market also requires understanding of all different odd systems used around the globe. There are three ways bookmakers present their odds; the American, the fractional and the decimal systems. We will use the following example to present the three of them: a game between the Panthers and the Maple Leafs where Panthers are more likely to win the match. Below the comparative table and the description of each one:

Explanation of sport odds systems

Amercian odds work as follows; in our example Panthers has more opportunity to win so the American odd will describe how much you need to bet on this team to win $100: -110 means you need to bet $110 to win $100 so if Panthers win the match you will be earning a total of $210. In the opposite case for the underdog; Maple Leafs it will show how much you will earn if you bet $100 to the underdog team, in our example +250 means that if you bet $100 on Maple Leafs and they manage to defeat the Panthers, you’ll earn $250 plus the stake back of $100 making a total of $350.

Fractional odds are very easy, they establish which is the possible earning of one bet, all you have to do is multiple it for your initial bet. Following our example Betting $110 to the Panthers and winning will produce earnings of $100 plus the stake back of $110 your total earning will be $210.

Decimal odds are the simplified version of the fractional odds, basically is the division of the fractional odd plus one so you just have to multiply it by your betting amount to know which will be your final earning, in our example: multiplying the $100 of the initial bet by the decimal odd of 3.5 will give $350 of final earnings if the Maple Leafs win the game.

Another point of interest for choosing a platform to place bets on sports would be to make sure they also offer casino games so you can live your online betting experience at its best. 

Innovations of online casinos in Canada

One of the greatest innovations of Canadian online casinos is Bitcoin

In an industry as dynamic as online gambling there are several innovations that online casinos are using to captivate more users. One of the most innovative products for online gambling is virtual reality; this modality recreates a physical casino in your mobile with the use of a virtual reality headset offering a complete new experience for your online betting, you will feel you’re physically in a casino and as casinos keep investing in this feature greater games are appearing with this modality.

When talking about sport betting online there’s a global revolution in terms of offer, day by day bookmakers are trying to cover a largest group of sports and leagues to attract more users whatever their sport preference in whatever location. However, this is not it, a new form of sports has been raising in popularity not only in audience and participants but also in gamblers which are looking for online providers to place their bets in these new sports, we are talking about eSports; which are competitions and tournaments were gamers prove their abilities and tactics in videogames to win prizes that usually go beyond the million dollars. North America is one of the most important regions for eSports, even though these sports have been popular for years in Asia, in Unites States and Canada the number of fans and tournaments have increased considerably in the last few years.

Another very popular innovation for casinos online is the appearance of Bitcoin as a valid payment method in casinos, since Bitcoin became a global trend, and it’s very popular in Canada, more business have included this cryptocurrency to the game, and several Bitcoin casinos appeared. The main advantages of using Bitcoin for online transactions are the lack of intermediaries and banks in transactions and the very low fees for transfers or purchases using this cryptocurreny, however it is imperative to do a previous research and fully understand the functionality, pros and cons of this payment method before selecting it for funding your online casino account.

FAQS: Frequently asked questions regarding online casinos in Canada

Is online gambling legal in Canada?

Are Canadian online casinos better than offshore online casinos?

Which payment methods are available in Canada for funding an online casino account?

Which are the most famous casino games in Canada?

How can I place bets on sports in Canada?

Is there any important innovation in the Canadian market of online casinos?

Does gambling develop addiction?

What do I need for opening an online casino account?

How can I keep my gambling safe?

Which are the best bonus of online casinos in Canada?

Does gambling develop addiction?

According to the Canadian Gaming Association; 98% of Canadian players are considered not problem gamblers, which means they haven’t develop addiction to the game and their gambling activity doesn’t have a negative impact on their lifes.

What do I need for opening an online casino account?

For your registration in an online casino you will need to provide your personal information and select a payment method. We highly recommend making a quick search before selecting a casino to make sure you choose the right fit for you.

How can I keep my gambling safe?

The most important thing that you should care about is the legality of your online betting activities, get informed of the legislation of your place of residence before opening an online casino account.

Selecting the right online betting provider will keep you safe for any kind of fraud, remember that all well stablished casinos will publish their permits and regulation agencies partnerships, so you can easily detect a trustful company. Another way to look for trustful online casinos is to make a quick review of other users feedback.

Which are the best bonus of online casinos in Canada?

While looking for an online betting platform you’ll find very attractive promotions, every casino or bookmaker looks to gain terrain on the market with incredible bonus, but all of them have a small print and it’s important to understand that all these promotions are not free money but a leverage that casinos provide to improve our betting experience if we follow their restrictions.

The most common bonus in online gambling are the bonus for funding an account for the first time, this is how casinos captivate new users so they are really attractive, usually they offer to double and sometimes even triplicate our first deposit with a certain amount limit, in the small print of these promotions you’ll find restrictions like to be able to duplicate the total amount gambling in the casino with a certain time limit in order to withdraw the full earnings.

Some great promotions for unexperienced gamblers are the free spin and free game options which allows you to play games and place bets without risking your money, a great way to gain experience and try new ways of betting before risking money from your pocket.

For experienced players there are several casinos that offer special events and tournaments with very attractive prizes, the most common games for these tournaments are poker, Black Jack, roulette and other table games.

Finally come jackpots the biggest prizes of casinos, these are usually go beyond the dozens of millions of dollars, these amazingly attractive promotions are most common in slots so if you’re a fan of this game you’ll have great fun with the opportunity of big wins.

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