Choose an Online Casino to Play on

With the wide expansion of the online gambling industry, the variety of options grew to a point where it can be a little bit overwhelming for some users to select a new online casino. First of all, it’s important to remark that there isn’t such thing as the best online casino in the world, several users lose their time comparing platforms trying to identify one casino that is better in everything against other platforms, the reality is that with such a wide range of options you first need to identify the factors that interest you the most to then compare your options and their offer on those factors to find the online casino that will work the best for you.

Here you will find a list of online casinos along with several details on each: the bonus he offers, the software it works with and the grade it got between 1-5.


Our goal at Metap is to provide all the pertinent information about the online gambling world to guide you on your research for the best online casino for you. In this article we’ll give you a quick 5 step guide to use when selecting a new gambling platform and we’ll give you a few tips to find the right fit for you:

1. Look for your favorite games

First things first, your priority should be to find an online casino that provide a good range of game variety that cover your favorite games. It’s important to understand that only few casinos develop their own games, on their vast majority they offer games from software providers. Through our exclusive guides of online casino software providers, you can review the main companies such as Microgaming, Playtech and Real Time Gaming that together supply a big part of the online gambling platforms. 

Another thing that you might want to take in account is the possibility of placing sport bets through the same platform where you play your favorite casino games, most of the platforms offer both possibilities however you must remain attentive as there are others that split their interfaces and you want to make sure you can use your same online casino account for both gambling options.

2. Compare all the promotions available

Of course, promotions are an important aspect of online casinos, and there is much more on promotions and bonuses besides the typical welcome bonuses that offer to duplicate and sometimes even triplicate your first deposit when creating an account. These welcome promotions sound very attractive but make a deeper research before selecting the casino that offers the most for your first deposit, in the online casinos world there are hundreds of promotions that will help to enhance your gambling experience. You’ll find weekly promotions in specific games, free plays, attractive promotions for mix of sport bets and very interesting jackpots mainly for slots. In this last promotion it’s important to take in account that jackpots are usually managed by casino software providers and not by online casinos themselves, so you might find the same jackpots through different gambling platforms.

Dice games are very popular at online casinos

3. Select the best funding and withdrawing option for you

A factor that several users leave aside is the payment method available at their favorite online casino. As online gambling is about money; payment methods should be a decisive factor for your choice, you’ll find detailed information of the main funding methods available at the gambling industry in our payment section. From the latest innovations of Bitcoin casinos to the traditional wire transfers, you’ll find everything you need to know to select the best payment method for you, so you can bare it in mind when selecting your online casino.

Remember that each payment method has their own rules, the transfer delays, costs and amount limitations are some of the factors you will want to verify before selecting a casino funding method.

4. Check options for devices and operating systems

It might sound unbelievable, but for many years online casinos didn’t invest on developing apps to increase their market through smartphones… instead, they created mobile friendly interfaces for their casino websites. In fact, even when there’s a big number of casino apps appearing in the market now at days you’ll find less options for Mac and iPhone than for PC and Android. So before selecting an online casino that looks very promising and that has a great interface on your PC, make sure you’ll be able to profit of the same gambling experience through your iPhone.

Another thing you might want to analyze about playing at online casinos through mobile devices is the gambling variety offered by each app. Casino apps can be a little bit tricky, you’ll find several apps for the same online casino, they usually offer different apps for casino games and for sport betting but there are online casinos that offer special apps only for poker or only for roulette so make sure you fully understand the amount of apps you would have to download to experience your mobile gambling at its fullest.

online casinos are available for all devices

5. Look for the best innovations at online casinos

Online gambling is one of the most dynamic markets at the entertainment industry. The high competition between online casinos have favored the investment in innovation from online gambling platforms that are always looking for new ways to captivate users. One of the greatest innovations in the world of online betting is the incursion of eSports betting at sport betting platforms, the raising popularity of these sports has reached online casinos and you’ll find the major tournaments listed on sport betting platforms.

There are several other innovations that you may want to keep an eye on; 3D animated casino games are gaining a lot of popularity and everyday there are more software providers that incorporate them on their offer. Live betting is another gambling modality that keeps innovating; the interaction between users and croupiers keeps improving and some online casinos also allow you to play mini games while you’re playing casino games live.

We hope this guide will help you find the best online casino for you. As a last tip, we suggest you analyze the possibility of using two or more online casinos, specialized gambling options usually offer more advantages on their betting offer. Just bare in mind that the more accounts you have the more you should know about the casinos you select to enjoy your online gambling hobby at its best.

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